vendredi 1 février 2019

Golfman animation

Here's a short 2D animation that I did! I always keep forgetting how long it takes to do animation and even doing something as simple as this took a while. Doesn't help I was learning the program as I was doing it. Could've definitely improved some things, but overall I think it's good!

mercredi 2 janvier 2019

Twitter header 2019

Here's my new Twitter header that I made as my first drawing of 2019!

dimanche 16 décembre 2018

Sketches 48

Haven't drawn nudity in forever, so here's a sketch with some breasts and a penis!

dimanche 18 novembre 2018

Sketches 47

Some more random sketches I made with some profanity thrown in there!

jeudi 1 novembre 2018

DEVO album doodles

Some quick doodles I made of characters from DEVO's various albums! I really like their music!

vendredi 19 octobre 2018

Neko Nero

A pretty silly birthday drawing I made for a friend based on the "Fate" and "Tsukihime" series.

samedi 13 octobre 2018

Yukari fanart

Some fanart I did of Yukari from "Girls Und Panzer" for a friend's birthday. Once again, this reminded me why drawing anime girls is hard, but it was fun to draw though!